Strength In No Time!

This video series is ideal for the athlete who does not have a lot of time to strength train or the busy mom who know...

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Earn That Body Program!

Earn That Body!® is an online nutrition/fitness program developed by award winning Personal Trainer, Kim Eagle, to he...

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Half Marathon Training

Are you READY to Eat Those Excuses For Breakfast???Team ETB Half Marathon ONLINE Training!   Have you always want...

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Shred That Body with Nutrition!

This 4 week program includes the original series of Shred That Body Videos (updated/re-edited) PLUS personalized nutr...

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This Weigh of Life Weight Loss Workbook

Limited Time Discount!   This Weigh of Life Workbook is designed to help you get your nutrition dialed in for sust...

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Eat By Example 1 Week Meal Plan

This 1 Week Meal Plan will help you dial in your nutrition with REAL FOOD and balanced carbohydrates, proteins and fa...

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The Summer Body Bootcamp!

Are you ready for the ALL NEW Earn That Summer Body BOOTCAMP? This 21 Day Online Fitness Program will not disappoint...

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This 4-week program is NOT a De-Tox, but rather the ETB-TOX done on your own! Most start dates are the first Monday o...

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Bootcamp for your BOOTY!

 Earn That Booty Program Includes: 4 Bootylicious Videos (8-10 minutes) 1 Combo Video of all Booty Moves + Core (...

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Shred2: Lock & Load

Shred That Body!™2  is the ULTIMATE of all my challenges!  You do NOT have to complete Shred That Body before you do...

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Earn That Body RecipE-BOOK!

Enjoy Kim Eagle's new recipE-BOOK! It includes her favorite recipes that are healthy, simple and family friendly!  I...

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Yoga OM (Yoga Over Muscle)

Yoga OM (Yoga Over Muscle) is Kim Eagle's latest fitness workout sensation! It combines yoga with body weight exercis...

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