Rock That 6 Pack Challenge!

This 2 Week Program is designed to help you chisel that 6 pack and lose weight!

What You Get Access To:
5 Core Videos:
2 videos: 6 pack burners (7-10 min)

2 videos: Rock The Plank Combo's (5 min)

1 Complete Video/combination of all the moves (20+ min)

(All videos have a core warm up and finishing stretch!)

Daily Nutritional Challenges:  7 Challenges sent out day by day in the first week and then maintained in the 2nd week to help you lose weight! No calorie tracking! And clients are losing weight just from these 7 nutritional changes!

Online Platform: You will have the ability to watch all the videos on a private online platform. You will get a username/password.  Great and easy to access everything you need as long as you have internet access! (Perfect for home,out of town hotel workouts or bringing to the gym!)

1 Year Access to the platform and all the videos!

Daily Emails: Each day of the 2 Week Challenge, you will get an email with guidelines, challenges and inspiration!

Printable Charts: Workout Video Completion Chart to keep you on track & Weight Loss Chart.

This program does NOT include a Private Facebook Group.

Start Now!

This is a great program if you are trying to gain core strength! You slowly increase your abdominal endurance to safely and effectively strengthen your 6 pack!

It is always recommended you get your doctor's approval before starting a new exercise routine like the Rock That 6 Pack Challenge.  All videos and exercises are done at your own risk. This program is NOT recommended if you are pregnant or have any injuries.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected]


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