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“Life Changing, are the words that I find myself repeating over and over when I am asked to describe the Earn That Body online fitness and nutrition program.  Not only did I get in the best shape of my life (now in my 50’s) but I learned invaluable lessons in how to make practical fitness and healthy nutrition a lifestyle that I can easily maintain for the rest of my life.”

— Susan B.



"Kim helped me get in the best shape of my life!  She was always helpful, positive, and encouraging.  With Kim’s help, I ran my first half marathon and got stronger than I ever thought possible.  She taught me how to eat the right way to lose weight, be healthy, and not be hungry.  Kim’s programs really changed my life.”

— Ryan A.


“I loved Earn That Body and all of the programs not only because of the amazing results, but because it is something that I can always go back to, if I feel myself getting off track.  I also still use all the workouts in all of the programs!  I love Kim as my coach and ambassador for health.”

— Tracy A.


“Kim’s expert guidance and education have equipped me with all the knowledge and tools I need to be able to maintain a healthy balance in my life now, while not depriving myself or overworking my body. Her nutrition approach is one that is sustainable, unlike many of the diets out there that urge you to cut out entire food groups and cut down drastically on quantity.  I’d say even better than the education Kim provides is the unwavering support."

— Hadley H.



 “Kim has given me amazing tools to honor my body and my health. Before starting, I had a sore lower back, little core strength, low energy and I was a size 6 (almost 8). Now, I am the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been and a size 2-4!  I’m 45 years old and my fitness and long term health habits are on track thanks to Kim!!”

— Ronnie L.


“Earn That Body helped transform me from a 4 hour marathoner to a Boston Qualifier (3:32). Not only did I learn how to properly fuel my body to perform my best but I also learned the importance of incorporating strength training into my training plan. I am the healthiest and fittest I have ever been and I owe it all to Kim’s programs.”

— Jen B.



“Earn That Body is the best decision I ever made regarding my health and fitness!  I have always been very active and a runner.  After 3 babies I couldn’t seem to lose any weight and sought many medical tests trying to figure out why.  A friend and fellow runner told me about Earn That Body and my whole life changed when I “met” Kim!"

— Tish W.



It’s not an exaggeration to say that Kim’s Earn That Body program has changed my life! One year after I had my last baby, I was still holding on to 25 pounds of baby weight – I was always tired and didn’t feel comfortable in my post-baby body. A friend of mine told me about Kim’s first program, Earn that Body, and I decided to give it a try. My results were amazing!"

— Susie A.



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