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Want a delicious summer dessert that is HEALTHY? This one is my GO-TO!

Watch TV Segment Here!

What Is Zone 2 Training & How?

Want to understand the hype on Zone 2 Training? Check it out here!

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Do you ever wonder if you should take time off or push through a workout when you are not feeling well? 

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Here are some simple food swaps you can make that will benefit your waistline & your overall health!

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Fixing Gym Mistakes!

Don't make these mistakes as you head back to the gym in the New Year!

Pumpkin REAL FOOD Protein Shake

How about a Pumpkin Spice Eagle Protein Shake! All real food (no protein powder) with over 24 g protein!

Finish Summer Strong with These 3 Tips!

I know summer is tough for staying healthy with crazy schedules and travel! But if you just try these 3 things, it will help you dial it in before Fall!

Dispelling Those Media Health Myths!

There are so many mixed messages about health, fitness and nutrition on social media, it’s hard to know what’s accurate and what’s not! Award-winning personal trainer Kim Eagle of Earn That Body joined Studio 512 to help dispel some myths.

SMART Snacking Tips!

How to enjoy SNACKS without going overboard!

Sculpted Arms for Summer!

Top 3 arm exercises for SCULPTED arms for bikini season!

The Eagle! Real Food Protein Shake!

Want to get in a lot of protein and NOT use protein powder?

Fix These Common Strength Training Issues.

Adjusting a few simple things in your form might help you get better results!

How I Prep Dinners For the Week!

Do you get MEAL PREP overwhelm? I do! And that is why I prep like this! And if you want my 5 Easy Go To Dinners, go to

Heart Healthy Tips!

How best to take care of your HEART HEALTH!

Easy Healthy Food Swaps!

If you feel like you’re making good choices but the scale isn’t budging, it’s possible you need a better-for-you food swap. Check some out in this LIVE TV episode.

5 Tips 2 Get Through December Without The Holiday 5!

Want some help getting through the holidays without gaining 5 pounds? Try these 5 Earn That Body Tips!


These 4 things could change everything in how you strength train.

4 Tips To Rock Your 2nd New Year!

It's that time of year! We are about to hit the holidays so NOW is the time to drop any summer pounds and get your health back on track. These 4 tips will help you hit your goals.

Chemicals In Our Health Food?

Did you know there are chemicals even lurking in the HEALTHY FOODS you eat? Find out what to look for in this segment on Studio 512.

No Excuses For These Summer Workouts!

Summer is a busy time, and many people are out of the house more than usual! Kim Eagle of Earn That Body joined Studio 512 to give her advice on quick workouts that you can do with no equipment. Kim says her bottom line is that any workout is better than no workout!

Healthier Food Swaps!

Need an easy way to eat healthier? Make these 4 easy food swaps for less sugar and higher nutrients!

It's a HIIT!

What is HIIT training? How often should you do it? And is your gym doing it right?

Working Out With No Results?

Find out what Kim Eagle used to do WRONG that held her back from getting ripped! These tips might help you finally put on that muscle!

Fix Common Strength Training Errors to Prevent Injury!

Do you get wrist, shoulder, knee or back pain when lifting weights? Check out these simple fixes and make sure you are doing these moves correctly!

Mobility Exercises For All Ages!

Are you losing range of motion in those joints? Eventually we all do if we don't focus on some basic mobility exercises. Check out my new 3 FAVs.

How to Stay on Track with Workout Goals This Year!

These simple tips are sure to keep you moving this year so you don't give up on those workout resolutions you made in January!

Tips To Get Through a Healthy Thanksgiving!

This is what I do to NOT gain 5 pounds at that Thanksgiving Feast!

Don't Want To Gain Weight This Halloween?

In this month's Studio 512 Segment...I transform into Willy Wonka to give you some Halloween Nutrition Tips!


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