Earn That Body Program!

Earn That Body!® is an online nutrition/fitness program developed by award winning Personal Trainer, Kim Eagle, to help people all over the world get fit, strong & healthy! This is like having a personal trainer at your side daily for workouts and nutrition! Staying accountable to your coach (Kim Eagle) and the overall program design has helped hundreds of clients reach their ultimate weight loss goals! Earn That Body (ETB) is for men & women who want to lose weight AND/ OR get in the best shape of their lives! If you are a person that struggles with your weight and are ready to be finished with fad diets, detoxes and starvation plans that don’t work, then this is the program for you!

Pre-Session (2 Weeks):

The Pre-Session will give you the tools to start changing your nutrition to maximize sustainable weight loss. Many clients felt overwhelmed on Day 1 of ETB because there were so many things they might need to change in their diets & lifestyle to get on track.  With this Pre-Session, you will gradually be able to start making changes over a 2 week time frame so that by Day 1 of ETB you are ready to roll! Client's LOVE the Pre-Session.

Pre-Session Includes:

  1. Daily Emails 
  2. Nutritional Assignments: things to start changing in your nutrition to maximize weight loss
  3. Earn That Body Rules to Eat By 
  4. Physical Assignments: getting your workouts on track so you are ready for ETB's full workout program
  5. Core Exercises & Videos: to get your 6 Pack started!
  6. Initial Body Measurements: emailed to Kim
  7. Physical Assessments: so we can compare BEFORE/AFTER strength & endurance
  8. Bi-Weekly Weigh Ins: emailed to Kim for accountability!

What To Expect:  This Pre-Session is designed to ease you into ETB.  You will NOT be doing calorie/food tracking, nor using the WillpowHER Workouts (all of that will begin once your ETB session starts). The daily emails will guide you on what nutritional changes to start making in a day by day format which helps the changes become habits.  Depending on your current lifestyle & nutrition, you are likely to lose several pounds just making these simple guided changes with the ETB Rules To Eat By!   But, it’s always possible you won’t lose weight during the Pre-Session since you are not tracking your calories yet. 

Earn That Body Program Phase 1 (3 Weeks):

Once you finish the Pre-Session, your Earn That Body Program begins!


  • WillpowHER Workout Program: Includes over 16 workout videos (Cardio HIIT, Full Body Strength, Yoga, Mobility, Core & Audio Runs (or powerwalks). Everything you need for all the workouts are in this amazing program. You will only have access to the WillpowHER Program during your 3 Week ETB Session. You will have the ability to extend access for a full year during the session for a fee.
  • Workout Calendar: Complete workout calendar designed with a structured build to help you gain muscle and get lean. Your daily emails will link you to your exact workout each day. You do have the option to swap in your own favorite gym classes or personal trainer sessions.
  • Workout Tracker: PDF to help you track your workouts, effort level and strength.
  • Eat By Example Meal Plan: 7 Day Meal Plan to help you understand how to balance your macro's or can be used as a recipe book. (Optional).
  • Personalized Nutritional Guidance & Caloric/Nutrient Tracking: The nutritional component of  this program allows individual attention to your caloric needs and is analyzed for your individual weight loss goals.  You can do the program even if you do not have weight to lose. You will log your food using an online program.
  • Daily Food Log Accountability: Kim will email you Monday-Friday to review your food logs. The ULTIMATE accountability!
  • Bi-Weekly Weigh Ins: Emailed to Kim.
  • Before/After Physical Assessments
  • Private ETB Platform Access: For ETB Education & WillpowHER Workouts (all workout videos can be accessed via computer, phone or tablet; you just need WIFI or cell service).
  • Weekly Education: About nutrition to help you make the RIGHT food choices daily!
  • Personal Coaching by Kim Eagle: To motivate & inspire you to get the body you truly deserve! Kim will keep you focused on your goals & hold you accountable each day.

Clients are losing 5-12 pounds per 5 week session. However, there is never a guaranty for weight loss. 

This program is NOT for people with injuries or health problems. The workouts can be intense and you will need to be able to run (or power walk), jump (or modify) , strength train (with full guidance in videos). Since this program is done through online coaching, you will also need to be familiar with basic exercise/fitness moves (for example: squats, push ups, burpees, etc.)  

This is NOT a prenatal program.  If you are breastfeeding, please inform Kim Eagle.

You will need to be able to commit to working out 5-6 days/week for best results.  You will build up in the Pre-Session.

This is a PRIVATE session. There is no group support. But the one/one accountability with Kim Eagle is all you will need.

There are 3 Phases in the full program. You can register for one or all phases based on your goals/needs. If you purchase all phases NOW, you will receive a discounted rate. 

Phase 1:  Includes 2 Week Pre-Session + 3 Week Earn That Body Phase 1

Phase 2: Includes 3 Week Earn That Body Phase 2 (continued workouts, private nutrition, etc.)

Phase 3: Includes 3 Week Earn That Body Phase 3 (continued program WITH Shred That Body Workout Program to take your body to the next level!)

Start Dates:

  • Dependent on availability. Please confirm your start date with Kim Eagle at [email protected]
  • All sessions must begin on a Monday.
  • You have the option to start with Phase 1 and register for additional phases later OR purchase Phase 1 & 2 or Phase 1, 2 & 3 at a discounted price now. If you purchase more than one phase now, you will get this discounted rate. There are no refunds if you don't complete the purchased phases. 

The first step to changing your body is to COMMIT to the goal! Signing up is the first step in your commitment!

Earn That Body!™ is not recommended for clients over 60 years old or for those with illness/ injuries.  This is NOT a prenatal program.  Since this program is done through online coaching, you will also need to be familiar with basic exercise/fitness moves (for example: squats, push ups, lunges, burpees, etc.) You must be 18 years old minimum.


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