Half Marathon Training

Are you READY to Eat Those Excuses For Breakfast???
Team ETB Half Marathon ONLINE Training!
Have you always wanted to race in a half marathon but felt too intimidated to register?  Or perhaps you thought you were not a RUNNER and therefore could never accomplish such a goal?  Well, the online TEAM EARN THAT BODY PROGRAM is a great training to help you reach new goals! It is ideal for the BEGINNER!
Dates:  This is a 12 week training program.  You can start this program ANYTIME! Recommended to start 12 weeks before the actual Race Day! This online program is done on your own (no other group members) since your race date might be different than another client.  You just let me know when your race is, and I can set you up 12 weeks prior!
  • 12 Week Calendar with 3-4 training runs/week (You will want to be running at least 3 miles by the start of the training session). The calendar will tell you what mileage to do on your training days to ramp you up to 13.1!  The calendar will also guide you on when to add cross training workouts, strength training and recovery! Basically your workout calendar is set for the next 12 weeks! (You will not get strength training or cross training workouts in this program; you get to pick your own. It could be classes at a gym or DVDs).
  • Weekly Emails with reminders on what to do each week, education, core workouts,  speed training, hill training, inspiration and more!
  • Education on Nutrition/Fueling
  • A Sense of Accomplishment is also given when you cross the finish line!  
  • A Weekly CHECK IN email by Kim Eagle to make sure you are on track!

Cost: $125 

Let's get you registered and on your way to your first Half Marathon Medal!



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