Do You Want a 6 Pack?

Aug 18, 2019

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Have you always wanted that perfect 6 pack? Flat abs? Sculpted core? And perhaps you have bought every 6 Pack Chiseling DVD on the market and yet still your abs look exactly the same? If that is you or you are simply looking for the key tips to get that 6-pack started, then these tips are for you.

If anyone tells you a workout DVD, exercise program or even a 30 day 6 pack challenge is what is going to help you achieve the perfect abs…. run the other way. Because exercise is simply not enough to achieve these results. There are 2 components to the 6 pack: diet & workouts. Workouts alone just can’t do it. Why? Because the workouts might build you a stronger core and get those muscles strengthened, but if you don’t shed that last layer of fat, you simply won’t be able to see all that hard work.

So, I’m going to break this down into Workout Tips & then Diet Tips because both are essential to reach your real goal. And these are the changes I made 14 years ago when I got my 6 pack!

Workout Tips to the 6 Pack:

  1. Proper Form:  If you are just getting back into workout shape, have never really done core work in the past or perhaps you have never learned how to do ab work correctly, it Is important to start your journey by getting your FORM perfected first. Watch this short video clip so you understand how to pull your belly to your spine properly for all core exercises. If you fail to get this nailed down, you might not get the flat tummy but rather the pooched-out muscle.

My Top Tip to 6 Pack Form: CLICK HERE!

  1. Gradual Build:  The next tip is to slowly build your core strength. Don’t do a 45 min abs workout on day 1, and definitely don’t do advanced moves if you have not perfected my Top Tip to 6 Pack Form (video above)! You want to build the core so that you don’t get injured. I have seen many people strain their neck, back and even core muscles by doing too much, too fast and too soon. Start with the basic crunch before you move on to any moves that include legs in the air.

How to do a Proper Crunch: CLICK HERE! (Scroll to Bottom Video)

  1. Shock the Core:  Now, once you have built some core strength and your form is nailed down, you will want to SHOCK those abs with some new moves. If you get stuck doing the same exercises week after week, your body will adapt and that won’t lead to change.  So, trying NEW moves becomes important. In all my abs programs, I try and offer NEW and very CREATIVE ab exercises to force your core to work in a new way. This leads to feeling sore and getting change! That helps chisel and tone the core.

Rock That 6 Pack Challenge Details: CLICK HERE!

  1. Cardio:  For all you strength training lovers….I hate to tell you this, but CARDIO is actually king when it comes to seeing that toned tummy. We have to burn some calories to shed that last layer of fat. Strength training day after day won’t cut it. I personally do cardio 4-5x/week with 2 days of strength training (3-4 days of short core work) and that is how I achieve my 6 pack. Is that the only way? Of course not, but I will tell you that I have helped many people transform their body over the last 10 years and my workout schedule approach is the most effective for shedding fat and seeing those muscles. (Want to know the best workouts for weight loss, you might enjoy a past podcast episode I did on this topic (Podcast #119) called Best Workouts For Weight Loss: CLICK HERE to check it listen.

 Nutrition Tips for the 6 Pack:

  1. Diet: I saved the best for last because this tip is the most important part of the 6 pack. You can do all the cardio in the world, all the crunches and planks…but if you have excess pounds on your body covering your core, you will never see the 6 pack. My top diet tips for shedding that last layer include decreasing your intake of sugar and alcohol. 
    1. SUGAR: You have to reduce the processed sweets! I’m talking about the cookies, candy, cake, pie, ice cream, sweetened coffee drinks (don’t get me started on these…you have no idea how much sugar is in a plain ice tea at Starbucks! CLICK HERE to view a video I did about Coffee Shop Sugar Shockers!) on Instagram. All of these sweets really need to be limited greatly. I like to encourage my clients to eat super clean Monday through Friday and enjoy a sweet treat on the weekend. The sooner you cut out the excess sugar during the week, the sooner you will stop craving it so much.

Now I’m not telling you to have NO sugar in your diet. I just want it to be limited to things like fruit, dairy and sugars that are not processed. You do need to limit these items since they still have a lot of sugar, but I eat 2-3 servings of fruit each day and the fiber & vitamins from the fruit is essential to your diet.

If you missed my podcast about Conquering the Sugar Addiction a couple weeks ago, check it out Episode #146 (CLICK HERE)

2. ALCOHOL: It’s a killer on the middle my friends. There is no healthy fuel in your cocktails. It is extra calories your body does not need and it leads to decreased inhibitions which means your healthy diet usually goes out the window after too many cocktails. My clients that drop the daily cocktails and save it for the weekend get great results once we eliminate this obstacle. 

There you have it! 5 Tips to get you on your way to that 6 pack! I didn’t get a 6 pack until 14 years ago when I changed my nutrition and my workouts. Once I made my change to eating real foods in a balanced way (no fad diets, no supplements and no starvation), my body changed. Then, I added a consistent workout regime to my life and my body has never gone back to what it was.

Give these 5 tips a try! Be consistent with it if you really want to reach those goals. Don’t give up and definitely don’t throw in the towel if you have one bad day. Just always get right back on track the very next meal.

If you want me to teach you how I eat, check out The Nutrition Recharge Program (CLICK HERE!)

And if you ever have any questions, podcast ideas or need help picking one of my nutrition or fitness programs for you, just email me at [email protected]. I love hearing from my followers.



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