Weight Loss for Life!


If you are tired of fad diets, deprivation, starvation & supplements...this program is for you.

It's time to honor the body with real food in a balanced way, so we can sustain weight loss & a healthy lifestyle.

Let's stop making weight loss so complicated!

The Nutrition Recharge

21 Day Program created to help people lose weight or dial in their nutrition for optimal health.

Daily Videos

Who has time to read endless pages of directions? You will get a daily video with guidance, tips/tricks and inspiration! 

Eagle Nutrition Protocol

A systematic way to eat without the need to log your food. Balance macros, reduce sugar & sodium and learn to eat healthy with a simplified approach.

Recipes & Progress Charts

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Recipes, Weight Loss Progress Chart, Eagle Nutrition Protocol Guide/Tracker.

The Details:

 Let's take the mystery and overwhelm out of weight loss & healthy living.



  • The New Eagle Nutrition Protocol: 
    • Balance your macros without food logging
    • Asses serving sizes & plate your meals/snacks 
    • Sugar Reset: Gradual reduction in sugar addiction (without extreme elimination!)
    • Sodium Control: guidance and plan to keep sodium levels in a healthy zone
    • Eat at restaurants without blowing your health/weight loss goals!
  • Daily Video:
    • Each morning you will watch the Daily Video for Tips/Tricks of the Day, Education & Inspiration.
  • Weekly Meal Prep Tips/Tricks:
    • Includes simple shopping list for easy prep foods/snacks.
  • Education:
    • Understand how food impacts your body for weight loss & overall health. This leads to making better choices & staying on track!
  • Progress Charts:
    • Weight Loss Chart (optional)
    • Eagle Nutrition Protocol Chart (keeps you on track & helps you plan the week ahead)
  • Recipes: (Kim's all new favs!)
    • 5 Breakfasts
    • 5 Lunches
    • 5 Dinners
    • Recipes are optional to make! You can integrate your own foods/favorites into the Eagle Nutrition Protocol. 
  • Daily Reminder Emails
  • Private Online Platform:
    • Program is available online (computer, phone or tablet). Internet connection is required.
    • Access is for 21 Days
  • Private Facebook Support Group:
    • This will only be available for the first session of this program.
  • Extra Coach Accountability (Extra Fee/ Limited Space)
    • Email Kim Eagle your weight weekly
    • Email Kim Eagle your tracker/chart weekly
    • Extra assistance/accountability 




This program is for people between the ages of 18-65 years old, in good health.

Not recommended if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any illness.

Pricing Options

You can register for this program WITH or WITHOUT coach accountability. Space is limited for the accountability option.



Full Nutrition Recharge Program


(Eagle Nutrition Protocol, Videos, Recipes, Daily Emails, Private Platform Online and more!)

21 Day Access

Weekly Weight Progress Chart

Weekly Nutrition Progress Chart



Start Date: January 6th





Full Nutrition Recharge Program +

21 Day Access

Weekly Weight sent to Kim Eagle

Weekly Progress Charts Reviewed by Kim Eagle

More Personalized Help, Inspiration & Accountability.


Start Date: January 6th


Award Winning Trainer


Kim Eagle is an award winning trainer who is passionate about helping people lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. She does not believe in fad diets, deprivation, starvation or supplements. 

She maintains her healthy weight/body through what she calls Lifestyle Nutrition. It's a way of eating that is simple (not complicated) & she is on a mission to spread this way of life to clients around the world.

In The Nutrition Recharge, she will guide you through this process so you can give up "diets' once and for all.

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