To Be Authentic is To Be Empowered!

Aug 30, 2020

Authentic = true to one's own personality, spirit, or character.

I feel that being authentic is important for our health. Anything other than authentic is simply not being who we truly are. And if we are not, then we are not BEING. I'm not saying it's always easy, but I do think it's something to strive for.

Being AUTHENTIC in my industry (health, fitness, nutrition) is pretty tough to do when everyone pretends they are PERFECT in all they do.  I see many trainers (really famous ones) only post their most doctored up photos. I often find out that nutrition coaches who claim they eat the way they preach is NOT really happening, and in fact they starve themselves before all photo shoots to look"perfect". I have even heard about dietitians who have their clients completely dehydrate themselves before they do an AFTER photo testimonial, so they drop more weight! I'm not here to judge, but I am here to tell you that I am NOT willing to be inauthentic to win anyone over.  And I think being authentic in who you are and what you do is the healthiest way to live.

I also see a certain amount of success come to those who are authentic. And this goes for all people, not just fitness coaches. If you are someone who is always hiding some truth about yourself or simply dishonest with others about who you are, what you do and how you do things... likely you are not making many gains in those areas of your life right? It can really stagnate you in living your true potential, not to mention reaching goals.

Recently I made the decision to stop being in "BEST OF" contests. I have been in the top 3 Best Personal Trainers of Austin for the last 8 years in Austin Fit Magazine. I am 100% truly grateful! It has always been a huge honor. But recently I have been doing a lot of internal work on myself and have been working on being present & being my most authentic self.  And in that practice I realized that getting thousands of people to vote for me so I can be considered one fo the BEST, is not really a reflection of my work or my passion to help people get healthy. And it feels a little inauthentic to WIN just because I have a lot of followers.  I suppose if my business and my program was being judged by the results my clients get....then, I would feel more compelled to be in a contest like that. So, this will be the first year I do NOT ask you to vote for me. And by no means do I think the Best Of Contests are bad or that people should not do them; I just don't feel that I am in a space that it feels right for me anymore.  And I'm so grateful for the 8 years of the title! But perhaps part of me growing older &  wiser is not needing the "title". I would rather win over the hearts of more clients who want to change their health & relationship with food by how I act and teach vs. what awards I I have won.

And that brings us right back to being authentic. I feel like I had to tell my followers about this decision to be honest. I want to share what weighs on my mind sometimes because let's face it, we are all struggling in this crazy time and we all need to do what makes us feel empowered, strong and AUTHENTIC. This practice will take you further than you might imagine.

The next place of authenticity for me is showing you pictures of my body that are 100% true. You know the pictures without the great angle, the perfect lighting and ones that make you cringe a little when you see them. Well, in today's photo (which is by no means the worst) can see that when I stand normal and don't suck it in and smile with great lighting..I don't look all that "incredible". But adjust the light, put on a smile and nail the angle...everything changes. I show you this because I want you to know that NO ONE walks around looking FAB or PERFECT all the time. And often, it's just the angle. That being said I'm super proud of my body at 48 years and by no means am saying anything bad about photo 1. It's just that when you look at all the Instagram pics out there, I want you to remember...before you feel upset that they don't look like you...recall the smile, the lighting and that angle :) There is no such thing as perfect my friends and the pictures of people on the internet are not 100% authentic.

I posted more REAL pics of my stomach in plank, thighs in downward dog and even the belly roll that happens when I'm on the bike in my newsletter this month. To get those details and more nutrition/health/fitness inspiration, make sure you are on the monthly newsletter list! (CLICK HERE TO BE ON NEWSLETTER LIST).

Now...take 2 minutes to decide if you are ready to be YOU. The authentic you which will radiate a different truth to others and make you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Be the YOU that is proud in a bathing suit no matter what the angle is! Be the YOU that is proud to say how you really feel because it's how you really feel! And be the YOU that deserves to shine and not hide... because if you do will empower yourself to a whole new level. 

Let's all let authenticity guide us as we get older so we can get healthier in mind & body.


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