12 Healthy Tips for Your Holiday Dinner!

Dec 06, 2022

If you are trying to watch your waistline, then I know how difficult and sometimes stressful a holiday dinner and gathering can be for you. You want to watch your intake, but you also don’t want to be rude to the host/hostess of the party, don’t want to be the Debbie Downer of the group and you certainly don’t want everyone to roll their eyes when you say you are watching your diet. But, at the end of the day, you need to make the best choices for you.  Here are some simple way to enjoy your celebration without gaining 5 pounds:

1. Don’t starve all day for a dinner celebration at night. This leads to starvation and you will eat anything at that point.
2. HYDRATE all day!
3. Get in a WORKOUT. Preferably a cardio workout if you have a big dinner celebration that day.
4. Try ONE serving of most items at the party table. You don’t have to eat EVERYTHING and you don’t have to eat TOO MUCH. One plate of food with one serving will definitely fill you up. No second servings!
5. Say NO to the bread at the table. There are plenty of other calories you are going to take in, so pass on the rolls.
6.Do NOT salt your food! Likely ALL the food is already heavily salted! More sodium just means more water retention that you will feel tomorrow morning.
7. Try and fill half of your plate with tons of vegetables. Maybe you can be the person to bring those to the dinner?
8. 1-2 cocktails MAX. Let’s face it, once you drink more than this, your entire plan to NOT gain weight that night goes out the window.
9. Dessert? Yes, have some..but can you pick ONE and just have a sliver? Again, by this point you are FULL! You just need a taste.
10. Hydrate again after dinner and cocktails with water :)
11. If you can take a walk after your big meal (invite your family) it will help get digestion moving.
12. The most important thing you can do? See if you can be present with your friends/family instead of present with your plate of food.

It’s actually very liberating to sit down and not focus on the food.

Tricks: If you are very concerned about your self control, NEVER show up starving! Have a protein shake before you go so you are full. You are less likely to binge if you are NOT hungry.

Most importantly, enjoy the celebration! Life is too short not to! And be the person who wakes up the day after the festivity feeling FABULOUS!


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