10 Questions to Health?

Apr 25, 2019

I studied Chinese Medicine for 4 years (Masters in Science/ Eastern Medicine) and can apply almost everything I learned to all aspects of health!  There is something we used in diagnosing all patients called the 10 Questions.   I still use it today for my weight loss clients to see where they are at in terms of overall health.  As I review each question below, answer on your own to see if you have any imbalances!

  1. Sleep: How is your sleep? Do you get 8 hours/night?  Did you know if you are not getting at least 8 hours of sleep/night you are likely hindering weight loss?  You secrete hormones at night while sleeping that are necessary to lose weight.
  2. Sweat: Do you have any unusual sweating? Night Sweats?  If so, there is likely an imbalance going on in your body.
  3. Taste: Do you crave a certain flavor (sweet, salty, bitter, etc.)? Is it something you crave all the time?
  4. Appetite: How is your appetite?  Do you find you are always starving OR never hungry? 
  5. Menses: For women, the menstrual cycle says a LOT about your body! Are you regular (every 28 days), is your flow heavy/light, do you have clots, cramps?
  6. Pain: Do you have any pain in your body? Chronic injury?
  7. Urination: Any problems urinating? Do you wake up to urinate at night? Is the color of your urine very yellow or clear? Does it smell?
  8. Bowel Movements: Do you have a bowel movement every day? If not…did you know you should?
  9. Thirst: Do you tend to be thirsty all the time or never thirsty?
  10. Temperature: Do you always feel HOT or Cold?

As you answered the above questions, did you think “yes, I do have that problem” OR “yes, I crave that all the time” OR “yes, I only have a bowel movement 1X every few days!”?  The bad news is, if you answered that way to several questions, you likely have some imbalances in your body and your health.  These imbalances could eventually lead to illness or further chronic issues.  The good news is that you can likely harmonize these imbalances with healthy food and exercise!   I have seen clients completely change the answers to the 10 Questions with 6-12 weeks of guidance in nutrition and exercise! 

Never underestimate the power of clean food!  Not only is food your fuel, but it can also have medicinal qualities.  In Eastern Medicine, we prescribe different food choices to patients instead of giving them a pill that only masks the true problem.  If you clean up your system with proper nutrition and exercise, you can often fix the underlying issue in your body without simply masking the symptom!  So, the next time you have a craving or an irregular menstrual cycle ask yourself, “am I eating clean and working out?”  If not, you know where you can at least get started in feeling better.  Start taking care of you! 

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**It should be noted that you should always seek the care of your doctor if you have any problems or concerns with your health.


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