Shred That Body with Nutrition!

This 4 week program includes the original series of Shred That Body Videos (updated/re-edited) PLUS personalized nutrition. 

There is very limited space for this program to INCLUDE NUTRITION. You can do the program as WORKOUTS ONLY (for those details, CLICK HERE).


  • 4 Strength Training Full Body Videos accessed online that will get you RIPPED! 
  • Kim's Killer Abs Workouts each week
  • Personalized nutrition (for 30 days), food logs, calorie/macro assessment*
  • 1 year access to program/videos/platform
  • Charts to record your progress through each video 
  • Before/After physical assessments
  • Weekly SHREDucation (education that discusses how to put on muscle!)
  • Calendar Template (tells you when to do strength videos and you fill in your cardio workouts**).
  • Facebook Support Group for the 30 Day Session!

This program is Shred That Body without nutritional guidance.  If you need nutrition help too, you need to register for the FULL Shred That Body Program (email [email protected])

Payment allows access to the program for 1 year 

Start Date:  October 7th! Only offered 2-3x/year!

*Your food logs will not be checked daily, but rather as POP checks (by Kim Eagle) to keep you accountable.

**Cardio workouts are not included.



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