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Finally a running program that not only tells you when to run, but also includes your strength training, stretching, mobility and education!

If you are looking for a workout program that is going to get you in your best shape yet...THIS is the program for you. 


All levels of runners (even brand new) will benefit from this program.


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The Program

I created this program to help all levels of runners get in their best shape! With RunpowHER you now have the ability to understand a proper workout schedule that will benefit your level of fitness, running speed and potentially help you lose weight. All of this while also avoiding injuries.

  • Increase Your Fitness Level: Stop junk training your runs and learn how to do speed work, a proper build, active recovery and BURN calories at any level.
  • Improve Your Running Speed (or power walking): With these speed workouts, endurance runs and strength work, you will have the opportunity to truly reach your potential as a runner.
  • Increase Muscle Tone: The strength videos in this program are designed for a runner. They will they help your run form, speed and overall muscle tone.
  • Strengthen Your Core: All running revolves around a strong core! In this program we integrate core work to help your form & keep you running tall!
  • Increase Flexibility & Mobility: A runner needs to stretch and work on mobility of all joints. The stretch/mobility videos will help you avoid injury.
  • Schedule: RunpowHER will teach you how to incorporate runs, cross training, strength and recovery into a 5 week schedule.
  • Education: Learn about running form, cadence, types of running workouts, recovery and more.
  • Inspiration: I will push you to work hard, gain confidence & empower you through running (and potentially shed a few pounds!).
  • 2 Program Options (Basic or Accountability) See Registration for Details.


What You Get!

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Workout Videos

  • Strength Workouts:
    • 3 Upper Body Videos
    • 3 Lower Body Videos
    • 3 Core Videos
  • Stretching:
    • 3 Stretch Videos (Includes Mobility Exercises.)
  • Foam Rolling Video
  • 3 Hip Strengthening Videos

Audio Run Workouts

  • 5 Audio Running Workouts: guided by Kim Eagle via audio (MP3). A great way to check in with run form, push your limits & not give up! These workouts can be done as a power walk as well.
  • 5 Tempo Run Workouts (PDF)
  • Endurance Run Schedule: a guide/schedule for your slower pace (lower heart rate) workout based on your level

Workout Calendar

  • Full Workout Calendar that tells you what workouts to do on what days. This ensures a proper build through the week with appropriate recovery days.

Workout Tracker

  • PDF Trackers that allows you to record pacing, heart rate averages (optional) and more for your Audio, Tempo & Endurance Runs. This helps you see your progression over time.

Daily Emails

  • Daily Guidance, Links to Workouts, Education, Tips and More!

Weekly Education

  • Learn about proper running form, why we do certain types of runs, how to improve speed and more! 

Private Platform

  • Entire program can be accessed on a private platform via a computer, tablet or phone. All you need is internet access. 

Program Options

  • Basic RunpowHER (program done On Your Own)
  • Level Up: Personalized with pacing guidance, accountability and more. Details in registration link.

**This program can be done with the Workout Calendar OR you can swap in your own favorite workouts that are not included in the program. Best results are seen when you use the RunpowHER workouts.

This program is NOT recommended if you are pregnant or have any injuries.

Option To Add Private Nutrition

Want To Lose Weight?

You can add a 5 Week Private Nutrition Session to your RunpowHER Program for weight loss. This is MAX accountability that includes personalized calories, macros, food logging, education and more!

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What You Need?

  • Running Shoes

  • Run Watch (optional)

  • Free Weights

    • Heavy, Medium & Light Set Recommended

  • Exercise/Yoga Mat (optional)


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Are Your Ready to Get Fit, Fast & Strong?





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