Keeping Off Those Vacation Pounds!

Jul 30, 2020

You want to enjoy your vacation and yet you don't want to come home with an extra 10 pounds on your body! I get it 100%. I think there are simple things that you can do for nutrition and exercise to make sure you can attain both of those goals! 

If you missed my blog last year about "Healthy Travel Tips to Avoid Weight Gain", CLICK HERE! That one includes a lot of the nutritional choices I make when travelling! 

But this blog is about the other part...the EXERCISE! I try to put into play these 5 things on all vacations to help me keep my waistline in check!

1. Workout: I do workout almost daily when I'm on vacation. I think it's a great way to start the day and I always feel better when I get that done. Also, working out makes you eat just a little healthier in my experience. 

2. Stay Active: Pick a daily activity that is ACTIVE! This is fun for the family and keeps you burning those calories. Perhaps a snorkeling adventure, hiking up a mountain, paddle boarding, surfing or even wake boarding! Don't just lay on the beach all day. Pick ONE active joy each day of that trip.

3. Walking Meditation: If you are with a lot of family or maybe just a lot of family time can actually bring a tad of stress to your day...then, take 15-30 min each morning to request a little alone time. Try a walking meditation. All you have to do is find a peaceful path and walk with an open mind. So, put the phone away and take in the smells, sights, sensation of wind on your face and maybe even salty taste of the air (if you are near the ocean). Just try and get very present with where you are and clear your mind. This will decrease stress and that will play a role in helping you NOT gain weight too!

4. By Foot or Bike: When you can...always choose to walk or ride a bike from point A to point b! I remember a trip we did to Cabo one year where we could walk to all our restaurants at night. Sometimes it was a LONG walk...but we did it! And it was fun and kept us moving! Lots of vacation spots have bikes to use or maybe you can bring bikes on a vacation. So, when in doubt, travel by foot or bike whenever you can.

5. Walk It Off: This one is my fav! After dinner, go for the long walk. It's fun to do with family or just your partner.  I'm not talking about a power walk. I'm taking about a comfortable stroll. This helps you digest the potentially large meal and keeps you moving once again!

Now if you can make these 5 things happen on a vacation, I think you will be feeling great when you get back from that trip. You might be a couple pounds up on the scale, but that is often just a little water retention from travel and high sodium foods. So, stay hydrated and enjoy your trip!


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