10 Day Real Food Reset

Are You Ready To Reset Your Nutrition? 

In this 10 Day Program, you will cleanse your diet of all chemicals, additives, preservatives & alcohol to reset your system. The Real Food Reset Strategy decreases inflammation in the body, helps break sugar addiction, benefits gut health, improves digestion, increases energy and can lead to weight loss.

This program is ideal after a holiday break or vacation when you need to dial your nutrition & health back in! Also great to do before a wedding or special occasion when you want to look & feel your best.

There is NO calorie counting, NO macro tracking and NO starvation.

Start Date: ANY MONDAY! 


  • 5 Day Meal Plan** with Health Tracker
  • 5 Day Meal Plan Template (to create your own Meal Plan using RFR Strategy)
  • Real Food Reset Recipe Guide with Shopping List (all new recipes!):
    • 5 Breakfast Recipes
    • 5 Lunch Recipes
    • 5 Dinner Recipes
    • EZ Veggie Recipes
    • Snack Recipes
  • Real Food Reset Strategy
  • Private Platform Access for 10 Days: Where you will get your Meal Plan, Recipe Guide, Strategy & Education.
  • RFR Daily Life Challenge (to not only get your health on track but also your life!)
  • Daily Emails: Each morning your email will guide you, inspire you, educate you and keep you on track for your 10 day session.
  • Daily Education: Learn all about hidden additives, preservatives & chemicals in our foods, why our body needs balanced nutrition and how eating closer to the source benefits your overall health.
  • Please Note: There is NO Private Facebook Group for this session.

**It is optional to use the Meal Plan. You can use it as a guide or follow it throughout the program. 

This program is for people in good health. Not recommended if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any illness including diabetes. 

This program is NOT ideal for athletes during heavy training periods.

This program is NOT designed for those who are vegetarians, vegans or gluten free. There is meat, dairy, eggs and whole grains in many of the recipes. Unfortunately, no substitutions in the Recipe Guide are offered to accommodate special nutritional restrictions.



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