Body Zone Challenge!

21 Day Challenge To Build That Body!

Do you need a little extra accountability, motivation, inspiration and a strength challenge to help you stay fit and/or get stronger! This 21 day challenge will provide daily 5-15 minute strength workouts to target each zone of your body! The workout challenges will include a videos from past ETB program/challenges (dating back to 2012) and more! This daily challenge can easily be added to a current workout regime!

We will see where you are at in strength for each body zone on Day 1 and then BUILD you up to get STRONGER over the 21 days. In this program we will get back to some basics so we can see progress NOW.

You can do this from home, a gym or even on vacation (if you have access to free weights).

Start NOW!

What You'll Get:

  • Daily Email
  • Strength Videos that Target EVERY Body Zone (arms, legs, chest/back, core!)
  • Private Platform For Videos for 21 Days
  • Body Zone Workout Challenge of The Day (5-15 minutes).
  • 21 Day Body Zone Workout Tracker
  • Before/After Body Zone Test with Strength Tracker
  • Daily Inspiration/Motivation To GET FIT NOW!
  • Access to workouts/platform is for 21 Days Only! The ultimate MOTIVATION to make sure you do the challenge NOW!

What You Need:

  • Free Weights

This challenge is NOT a nutritional challenge. 

This challenge is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or has any injuries. 


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