This 5 Week Run Program is for anyone wanting to get in their best shape yet!

You can be a complete beginner to advanced runner to get benefits. If you can place one foot in front of the other, you can DO THIS! 

Starts: April 19th 

This program is designed to:

  • Increase Your Fitness Level: Stop junk training your runs and learn how to do speed work, a proper build, active recovery and BURN calories at any level.
  • Improve your running (or power walking), speed and distance based on your level
  • Increase muscle tone with quick full body strength videos
  • Strengthen your core
  • Increase flexibility & mobility
  • Teach you how to incorporate runs, cross training, strength and recovery into a 5 week schedule
  • Education on running form, cadence, types of running workouts, recovery and more
  • Push you to work hard, gain confidence & empower you through running (and potentially shed a few pounds!)

Program Includes:

  • 5 Week Workout Schedule*
  • 5 Audio Runs**
  • 5 Tempo/Interval Runs (PDF)
  • Endurance/Long Run Schedule
  • 3  Strength For Runners Videos (20 min each)
  • 3 Leg & Core For Runners Videos (15 Min each)
  • 3 RunpowHER 6 Pack Burner Videos (5-10min)
  • 3 Stretch Videos (2 include Runner Specific Mobility)
  • Foam Rolling Video 
  • Hip Strengthening Series 
  • Private Online Platform for Videos:  accessed on computer, tablets or phones with internet or WIFI. Streaming quality is always dependent on your internet connection/speed.
  • Daily Emails: Guidance, Links to Workouts, Education, Tips and More!
  • 1 Year Access to all videos/program
  • Online Support Group: First Session WILL have a Private Group Facebook Page for Support (optional).

2 Options: Basic or Level Up

Basic: This is the ideal program if you are just trying to GET FIT! 

SOLD OUT/ Level Up: If you would like more personalized assistance with your Run Paces for workouts, Heart Rate Training (optional), Personalized Long Run Schedule and added accountability. This option is also best for you if you need a more personalized plan for a 5k, 10k or half marathon distance or a Run/Walk Program.

*Workout Schedule includes 4 RunpowHER Workouts/week. You have the option to then include your own workouts on Cross Train Days. Recommendations will be made. You can follow this workout plan OR use the workouts as Grab and Go for your own schedule.

What You Need:

  • Good Running Shoes!
  • Free Weights
  • Awesome Attitude

**Audio Runs can be done outdoors or on treadmill. You will need your phone for these workouts.

This first session will be the ONLY one to include a Private Facebook Support Group during the 5 week program (optional). A great way to get more accountability and team support!

This program is NOT recommended if you have ANY injuries or are pregnant.

This is NOT a nutrition program. 


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