It's Our Time to Conquer, Adapt & Come Together!

 2 Week Challenge to Get Fit & Feel Great!


Every December, Earn That Body offers a 2 week Holiday Challenge to help you NOT gain weight over the holidays. This year, we will shake it up with a slightly different focus, but yet with the same results!

Due to a highly stressful year, I want this 2 week challenge to be about HEALTH, WELL BEING, SWEAT and GRATITUDE! There will be NO weigh ins on the scale this year, but rather a different approach to help you avoid weight gain & feel your best before we bring in 2021!

Dates: Dec 7th-20th

What You Get:

  • Challenge Journal: PDF that you will record in daily
  • 2 Week Fitness Build Workout Challenge & Tracker: 5-15 min daily workouts including core videos, body weight strength-build workouts and cardio videos. Workouts will build and you will track your progress.** There will be beginner and advanced options! Anyone at any level can participate.
  • Private Facebook Support Group: During the 2 week session: (optional, but all support/communication will take place here).
  • Daily emails: to guide you and help you stay focussed & committed
  • Private Platform Access Online: all videos/workouts will be accessible to you via the Earn That Body Platform. You can access everything on your computer, phone or tablet as long as you have internet connection/cell service.

What You Need:

  • The desire to STOP further COVID weight gain and maybe shed a few pounds! Or simply to have some accountability for healthier eating during the holiday month.
  • A fantastic attitude to CONQUER each daily challenge thrown your way!
  • NO equipment needed! Which means you can do this challenge anywhere (including a vacation!)

**All videos/workouts will be available to you ONLY during the 2 week session. You will have the ability to EARN 1 year access in the challenge.




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