Fuel That Body-Plan B

Nutrition will be your limiting factor for an endurance race! But it can also be the thing that drives you to your personal record when you have it dialed in! Get your fueling plan developed based on your personal needs.

Fuel That Body Personal Profile--Plan B Includes:

  • Personal BMR (approximated by height/weight/age)
  • Calorie Assessment for WEIGHT LOSS or MAINTENANCE (depending on your goals)
  • Guidance for your fat/carbohydrate/protein intake as an athlete (and sugars/sodium)
  • Sweat Test to determine amount of fluid intake needed for trainings/race day
  • Calorie Test to determine amount of calories you need to take in for trainings/race day
  • Race Fueling Plan
  • Pre-Race Meal Recommendations
  • I will figure out exactly how to integrate your personal FUEL into your trainings. What does that mean? If you use UCAN, INFINIT, GATORADE ENDURANCE, BONK BARS, ETC...I will determine exactly how much of these specific fuels you need for your trainings/race day. 
You get the Personal Profile which tells you what to do.  This is not a program that includes ongoing support; however, with Plan B, you do get assisted help until your fueling is finalized.

It can take 1 full week to create your Personal Profile (from the date I receive your questionnaire and sweat/calorie test information). 



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