Studio Private Nutrition

Studio Private Nutrition:

This is the most personalized program for the Affiliate. It includes the ETB Private Nutrition Program + a 4 Week Workout Program designed by YOU (with my recommendations on how to schedule the workouts.) If you own a studio or boot camp, you will include those workouts into the calendar for a complete 4 week schedule.

Studio Workouts:

  • Get an online calendar template to input your clients workouts or use your own
  • Suggestions for best schedule of workouts for optimal weight loss
  • If you don't have enough workouts to provide for the full 4 week schedule, we can give your client access to the Earn That Muscle Program for 4 Weeks.

Private Nutrition:

  • Before/After Measurements
  • Weigh in on Mondays & Fridays (all weigh ins are sent to me directly).  This allows me to see when we need to make caloric changes each week.
  • Daily Food Log Feedback (Mon-Friday); I review the weekend logs based on the weigh in.  Client will track all food with an online program (no fee).
  • Personal Nutritional Guidance and caloric/nutrient tracking.  Client will be assigned calorie allotment and nutrients (% carbs/protein/fat) and guidance for sodium/sugar/fiber.
  • Weekly Education on Nutrition/Fitness
  • Earn That Body “Rules To Eat By” Food & Fuel List

This is the ONLY Affiliate Program that you can sell on an individual basis. No GROUP needed.

Cost: $399

Start Date: Dependent on Availability


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