ETB TOX Affiliate

4 Week Nutrition Program


  • The ETB-TOX Work Book of Accountability (PDF) to track your weight, Steps To ETB-TOX, Work Outs, Goal Setting and more.
  • 3 emails per week (Mon/Wed/Fri) including:
    • The STEPS To ETB-TOX: To guide you in making changes to food quality & quantity. The program is structured to give you day-by-day steps for cleaning up your nutritional intake. This approach is less overwhelming since you only have to make a few changes at time!
    • Guidance on how many workouts you need per week!
    • Goal setting for the 4-week session! Guidance on making these goals personal to you and achievable by the end of the session
    • New healthy recipe favorites that I personally make and eat!
    • Food/Drinks that are/aren’t “Eagle-Ized” (that is …foods that I consider LEGAL or NOT LEGAL on the program).
    • Tips/Tricks for eating out
    • Inspiration for a healthy living
  • Private Facebook Page (TBD by Host)

COST: $99

START DATE: Program Can Start on Any Monday!

This is a GREAT program to clean up your nutrition & get you working out consistently.


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