Fuel That Body!

Nutrition will be your limiting factor on race day. Get your personalized fueling profile now.

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Fuel That Body!

 Fuel That Body is not a program but rather a personalized assessment/profile to help you get your fueling numbers dialed in!



  • Personal BMR (approximated by height/weight/age)
  • Calorie Assessment for WEIGHT LOSS or MAINTENANCE (depending on your goals)
  • Guidance for your daily macro (fat/carbohydrate/protein)  intake as an athlete (and sugars/sodium)
  • Sweat Test to determine amount of fluid intake needed for trainings/race day
  • Calorie Test to determine amount of calories you need to take in for trainings/race day
  • Race Fueling Plan
  • Pre-Race Meal Recommendations (dinner/breakfast)


Private Nutrition Program: If you need more than Race Fueling assistance and would like to lose weight before your race day, you can also do the 4 Week Private Nutrition Program. 


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I Need Help!

I know I need help with fueling. Can you help me figure out which plan is best for me to reach my goals.

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