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This Program Is Changing Lives!

Kim Eagle is an award winning online personal trainer & nutrition coach. She refuses to fall for fad diets, starvation, supplements and other weight loss gimmicks. She has created an entire online program to help clients lose weight or simply get in the best shape of their lives through healthy eating, balanced nutrition, consistent exercise and understanding the mind/body connection.

Her clients say the accountability & education she provides is what drives the success of Earn That Body!

What You Get!

Free Pre-Session

You have the choice to do a 2 or 4 week pre-session right before your Earn That Body session begins.

Details:  The Pre-Session is a Ramp It Up Program to give you the tools to start cleaning up your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator & overall food selections!  With this pre-session, you will gradually be able to start making changes over the 2 or 4 week time frame so that by Day 1 of ETB you are ready to roll! 

Clients have lost 2-8 pounds in this Pre-Session.

Pre-Session Includes:
1) 3-7 emails per week with: 
2) Nutritional Assignments (things to start changing using the ETB Rules To Eat By)
3) Physical Assignments (increasing your workout days if you are not currently active) with a calendar to chart your workouts.
3) Simple Core Exercise assignments to get your body ready for the Kim's Killer Abs Workouts in ETB!
4) Initial Body Measurements (emailed to Kim)
5) Weekly Weigh Ins (emailed to Kim for accountability!)

What To Expect in the Pre-Session: 

This Pre-Session is designed to ease you into Earn That Body (ETB).  You will NOT be doing calorie/food tracking, nor your personalized workout calendar (all of that will begin once your 6 Week ETB session starts).  Instead the weekly emails will guide you on changes you can start making & ways to help you prepare for your journey in ETB.  Depending on your current lifestyle & nutrition, you are likely to lose several pounds just making these simple guided changes. But, it's always possible you won't lose weight during the Pre-Session since you are not tracking your calories.  


  • Personal Calorie Assessment (weekly)-The nutritional component of  this program allows individual attention to your caloric needs and is analyzed for your individual weight loss goals.  You can do the program even if you do not have weight to lose.
  • Personalized Macro Assessment: get educated & coached on how to eat balanced protein, fat & carbs. 
  • Food Logging: You will log your food daily using an online program.
  • Daily Food Log Checks (Kim will email you Monday-Friday to review your food logs! This is the ULTIMATE accountability!)
  • Weekly Education on nutrition to help you make the RIGHT food choices daily!
  • Earn That Body!® Rules to Eat By & Fuel Foods List for life changes!


Systemized plan to shock the body each week! 

  • 6 Week Workout Calendar: includes ALL your workouts OR you can integrate your current workout classes/training into the calendar (with my guidance).    This workout plan has been developed to maximize weight loss. There is a method to its format. 
  • Earn That Muscle Videos: 3 Full Body Strength Videos, 3 Core Videos and 3 Cardio PDF Workouts from the Earn That Muscle Program to use during your 6 Week Earn That Body session. You will need free weights for the strength videos.
  • Kim’s Killer Abs Workouts: integrated into your calendar each week!
  • 2 Earn That Body Workouts:(strength, HIIT, run or walks, tabata) New each week!
  • Personalized Run or Walk Workout: each week based on your fitness level.


There is no greater accountability than the Earn That Body Program. Kim Eagle will be your personal coach & email you daily (Mon-Fri) to discuss your food log & workouts. And YES...she reviews your weekend eating too! She will offer tips/tricks to help you stay on track & keep you motivated to reach your goals.

Client's rave that the ACCOUNTABILITY Kim provides is what makes them successful with their weight loss goals. Knowing she is watching them daily pushes them past what they thought was possible for their body & their health.

This is like having a personal fitness & nutrition coach at your side each and every day!

And More!

❍ Bi-Weekly Weigh Ins

❍ Physical Assessments (before/after)

❍ Measurements (before/after)

❍ Weekly Education

❍ Online Support Group

❍ Online Private Platform (all videos can be accessed from your phone, tablet or laptop; you just need WIFI or cell service).

❍ Earn weekly points for a chance to win a prize at the end of the session!

Get Pricing, Details & Check Program Availability

Group sizes are very limited to give clients maximum attention & accountability.

Private Sessions Available Upon Request.

What People Are Saying About Earn That Body!


“Kim’s expert guidance and education have equipped me with all the knowledge and tools I need to be able to maintain a healthy balance in my life now, while not depriving myself or overworking my body. Her nutrition approach is one that is sustainable, unlike many of the diets out there that urge you to cut out entire food groups and cut down drastically on quantity.  I’d say even better than the education Kim provides is the unwavering support."

— Hadley H.



“Life Changing, are the words that I find myself repeating over and over when I am asked to describe the Earn That Body online fitness and nutrition program.  Not only did I get in the best shape of my life (now in my 50’s) but I learned invaluable lessons in how to make practical fitness and healthy nutrition a lifestyle that I can easily maintain for the rest of my life.”

— Susan B.




“Earn That Body helped transform me from a 4 hour marathoner to a Boston Qualifier (3:32). Not only did I learn how to properly fuel my body to perform my best but I also learned the importance of incorporating strength training into my training plan. I am the healthiest and fittest I have ever been and I owe it all to Kim’s programs.”

— Jen B.


Get All The Details!

Is This Program a Fit For You?

Due to the online nature of the program, please review the details below to make sure it is a fit for you.

This program is NOT for people with injuries or health problems. The workouts can be intense and you will need to be able to run (or walk), jump (or modify), etc. 

Since this program is done through online coaching, you will also need to be familiar with basic exercise/fitness moves (for example: squats, push ups, burpees, etc.)  

This is NOT a prenatal program.  If you are nursing, you will need to get permission from your doctor to register for the course.  

You will need to notify Kim Eagle if you become pregnant during the session (immediately) or if you are breastfeeding.

Due to the online nature of the program, it is recommended that you be under 60 years old to participate. If you plan on doing the workouts in the calendar, you will need to be able to Run (or walk), Jump (or modify) and understand exercises like burpees, squats, lunges, etc. If you are unable to do the workouts, you will have to swap in your own gym classes/DVDs.

You must be 18-60 years old to participate. If you are NOT and want to do the program, please reach out to Kim Eagle ([email protected]).

You will need to workout 5-6 days/week (1 hour workouts). This can be modified as needed, however, best results for this program stem from following the full workout calendar.

Free weights will be needed for the strength videos. 

Clients have lost 8-20 pounds per 8-10 week session. There is NEVER a guaranty with weight loss. If you are on medications, hormones, struggle with sleep or are under a lot of stress, weight loss can be more difficult.



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