Let's Get You Back On Track!



People are individuals and have different needs, motivations and goals.


Re-Commit is designed to personalize your nutrition/fitness journey & get you back on track.

  • Workout Calendar Personalized For Your Goals

  • Personalized Nutrition (daily food log checks)

  • Re-Commit, Re-Educate & Re-Focus To Help You Reach Your True Potential

You must have completed the 5 Week Earn That Body Program to RE-COMMIT!

Personalized Nutrition

  • Calorie/Macro assessment based on your age/height/weight & goals (including shifts needed for peri/menopause)

  • Continue to follow the ETB Rules to Eat By with Food Logging to help you reach your goal. Once at goal, you will have the option for a Maintenance Phase.

  • Bi-Weekly Weigh Ins (with calorie/macro adjustments as needed for best weight loss)

  • Daily Food Log Checks for Max Accountability

This program is not designed for people with illness (including diabetes) /nutritional requirements. It is not tailored for vegetarians/vegans.

Personalized Workout Calendar


After reviewing your goals, I will create a personalized workout calendar for you which can include workouts you love and have access to (gym classes, Peloton, personal trainer sessions) and/or almost all ETB Workout Programs during your session**. Can include running builds for 5k, 10k, Half Marathons, etc.


This calendar will include a proper build (based on your level), active recovery and a plan that helps your body get stronger, leaner & more toned.


During your session you will get access to all of the ETB Workout Programs below (and more) based on your exact fitness goals. And they will be mixed/integrated into your calendar to maximize results.


**Access to the ETB Workout Programs is only during your Re-Commit Session. You will have the option to purchase at a discounted rate during your session.



Personalized Accountability


  • Weekly Tasks personalized for you based on where you are THRIVING or BARELY SURVIVING.

  • Weekly Worksheet to help you see your goals, set plans & slowly progress to your own finish line.


get back on track, reach your goals and help you NOT go back to old ways."

Kim Eagle

More Program Details

  • Personalized Power Walk Build (based on goals) OR

  • Personalized Running Build (based on goals)

  • Weekly Re-Education

  • Before/After Measurements

  • Before/After Pictures

  • Physical Assessments (before/after) if designated by goals.


4 Week Journey

Ideal for clients who are  focussed on getting back on track.


6 Week Journey

This slightly longer journey gives you more time to reset your nutrition & workouts with time to build your fitness level & lose more weight.



12 Week Journey

Ultimate Transformation. 
The longer journey gives you time to turn your changes into daily habits & lose more weight. If you hit goal weight within the session, you will learn how to maintain. 


Biggest Discount!


Due to the personalized attention in this program, there are very limited openings each week.

Check start date availability below.

All sessions are PRIVATE. Not group.


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