Earn That Body's

Holiday Challenge!


Every year I host a 2 Week Challenge to help you NOT gain weight over the holidays! Clients go into the New Year feeling awesome instead of bloated & 5 pounds up! Join this awesome group so that you can start your New Year feeling FAB!

This year's theme is THE SOREST LOSER!  You want to LOSE weight & LOSE points!


  • 14 Day Challenge
  • NEW Strength In No Time Workout Videos with 1 year access.
  • Private Online Platform
  • Daily Email Reminders
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Weight Loss Progress Chart
  • THE SOREST LOSER points sheet! The fewer points you earn, the GREATER chance to WIN!
  • Motivation/Inspiration/Challenges to keep you eating healthy & working out during the tempting holiday season.
  • Prizes to be won!


Includes All New...

Strength in No Time!


  • 2 NEW 20 Minute Full Body Strength Videos! 
  • 2 NEW 5 Minute 6 Pack Videos
  • Full Body Stretch Video
  • 1 Year Access

These workouts are ideal for the athlete who does not have a lot of time to strength train or the busy mom who knows she needs to do more strength training but can't fit it in! 2 full body strength training videos that will do the job in just 20 minutes! And 2 core videos that will help sculpt that 6 pack! Finish all workouts with the awesome Stretch Video and you are set!

All videos can be accessed from computer, tablet or phone with WIFI or cell service. 

You will need free weights for these workouts.

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