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Kim Eagle's Favorite Recipes!

Award winning personal trainer, Kim Eagle, has put together a recipe book including her favorite's for breakfast, lunch and dinner! All healthy, simple meals that fuel your body! 


  • 5 Breakfast Recipes
  • 4 Salads
  • 5 Entrees

Freebies Included:

  • Kim's favorite way to make vegetables! (broccoli, lemon broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower and kale chips!
  • 4 Eagle Shake Recipes (REAL FOOD/ NO PROTEIN POWDER)

 *NOT gluten/dairy free


Nutrient Information

Recipes include calorie & nutrient information for carbs/protein/fat and sugar/sodium/fiber.

Recipes are NOT gluten/dairy free. 

Only 2 recipes are vegetarian.



This recipe book is an E-BOOK! You will be able to download it to your computer, tablet or phone for easy access. 


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